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Monday, May 18, 2009

Used to

‘Used to do’ berbeda dengan ‘to be used to doing’ dan ‘to get used to doing’

Used to do

Kita pakai ‘used to’ untuk sesuatu yang terjadi secara reguler di masa yang lampau namun kejadiannya tidak lama.

  • I used to smoke a packet a day but I stopped two years ago.
  • Ben used to travel a lot in his job but now, since his promotion, he doesn’t.
  • I used to drive to work but now I take the bus.

Kita juga bisa memakainya untuk sesuatu yang dulunya benar, namun tidak bertahan lama.

  • There used to be a cinema in the town but now there isn’t.
  • She used to have really long hair but she’s had it all cut off.
  • I didn’t use to like him but now I do.

to be used to doing

Untuk menjelaskan situasi atau kejadian yang biasa.

  • I’m used to living on my own. I’ve done it for quite a long time.
  • Hans has lived in England for over a year so he is used to driving on the left now.
  • They’ve always lived in hot countries so they aren’t used to the cold weather here.

to get used to doing

Untuk membicarakan suatu proses sesuatu yang menjadi normal/biasa buat kita.

  • I didn’t understand the accent when I first moved here but I quickly got used to it.
  • She has started working nights and is still getting used to sleeping during the day.
  • I have always lived in the country but now I’m beginning to get used to living in the city.

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