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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Much vs Many

Much dan many adalah Determiner. Much digunakan untuk kata benda tidak dapat dihitung dan many untuk kata benda jamak:

  • There isn't much sugar.
  • Do you have many relations in America?

Much dan many digunakan dalam kalimat negatif dan kalimat tanya.

  • We didn't have much luck today.
  • Have you got much more work to do?
  • There aren't many hotels in this town.
  • Do you know many people around here?

Much tidak digunakan dalam kalimat postif/affirmatif. Sebagai penggantinya, kita gunakan a lot of atau lots of:

  • He has got a lot of money (BUKAN much money)
  • There is a lot of rain coming later today (BUKAN much rain)

Many sering juga dipakai dalam kalimat positif/affirmatif. Tetapi lebih baik gunakan a lot of atau lots of:

  • There are many ways to approach this (or lots of ways)
  • Many people are living below the poverty line (or lots of people)

Much dapat dipakai dalam kalimat affirmatif, namun didahului oleh so, too atau as:

  • There is so much work to be done.
  • I think that he has got too much responsibility.
  • Drink as much water as possible during the race.

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