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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Expletive There

Ada beberapa pola kalimat yang umum menggunakan "Expletive There", yaitu:

1. There + be + (pro)noun + expression of place/time.

  • There is nobody here.
  • There is a piano in the room.
  • There isn't much milk in that glass.
  • There're a lot of students here yesterday.
  • There were several parties last week.
  • There's going to be a party tomorrow.

2. There + be + noun dengan Adjective Modifier:

  • There are different ways to do it.
  • There are two blankets for each bed.
  • There are many doctors who can help you.
  • There are (some) people who like him.

3. There + be + noun + -Ing Participle.

  • There is a storm approaching. (= A storm is approaching).
  • There is strong wind coming up from the west.( = A strong wind is coming up from the west).

Kadang-kadang bentuk Past Participle sering juga dipakai, dan susunan ini untuk maksud passive.

  • There were many people killed in the last war. ( = Many people were killed in the last war).
  • There have been more Americans killed in the road accidents than in all the war since 1900.

Beberapa verb yang sering digunakan setelah "Expletive There", yaitu: appear, come, go, happen, live, remain, seem, enter, follow, dll.

  • Once upon time there lived a wicked king.
  • There seem to be two reason for his success.
  • There remains nothing more to be done.
  • 'Mere comes a time when we must all face our maker.
  • Suddenly there entered a strange figure dressed all in black.

4. There + be + noun phrase + to-infinitive clause.

  • There was no one for us to talk to.
  • There is essential for the papers to be ready before Friday.

5. There dapat bertindak sebagai subject dalam infinitive dan -Ing Clause.

  • I don't want there to be any more trouble.
  • I'd like there to be swimming-pool in the garden.
  • There appear to be several reason for changing our plan. (Bukan: 'There appears to be ....)
  • He was disappointed at (there being) so little to do.
  • What's the chance of there being an election this year?

6. Expletive There atau juga here, biasanya digunakan untuk (sebagai) Exclamatory sen­tence (kalimat seru).

  • There goes the bell! (Lonceng sedang berbunyi!)
  • There you have me! (Di situlah kami kena'nya!)
  • There they are! (Itu mereka!)


Untuk membuat pertanyaan, letakkanlah BE (modal auxiliary) sebelum The Expletive There.

  • There is a book here.
  • Is there a book here? - Yes, there is. No, there isn't.
  • There will be music at the party.
  • Will there be music at the party? - Yes, there will. No, there won't.

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