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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Enough vs Too

  1. Enough means "sufficient", or"as much or many (of something) as necessary".
  2. Too means "more than enough" or "more than is needed or wanted".

Enough artinya cukup dan berada setelah Adjectives dan Adverbs:

  • It isn't hot enough to go for a swim.
  • We're not moving quickly enough.

Enough juga diletakkan sebelum kata benda (nouns):

  • We have enough time.
  • There isn't enough flour to make the cake.

Too artinya terlalu dan berada sebelum Adjectives dan Adverbs:

  • It's too cold to go for a swim.
  • You're driving too fast.

Kita dapat meletakkan too sebelum kata benda, namun dalam bentuk ekspresi too much dan too many. Too much digunakan sebelum uncountable nouns. Too many digunakan sebelum countable nouns:

  • You put too much sugar in my coffee.
  • There is too much poverty in the world.
  • There are too many people to fit in the car.

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