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Monday, May 18, 2009

Rise vs Raise

Apa perbedaan antara rise dan raise?

Rise adalah irregular verb: rise / rose / risen
Raise adalah regular verb: raise / raised / raised

Walaupun arti keduanya sama-sama "naik", namun perbedaannya adalah rise adalah intransitive verb (tidak membutuhkan objek), sedangkan raise adalah transitive verb (membutuhkan objek):

  • The sun rises in the east.
  • The temperature rose to 100 degrees.
  • Mary raised her hand.
  • The government is going to raise taxes.

Kalau sesuatu itu naik dengan sendirinya, maka gunakan rise (contohnya matahari terbit), Namun kalau sesuatu itu tidak naik dengan sendirinya, atau karena sesuatu yang lain, maka gunakan raise (contohnya mengangkat tangan, pemerintah menaikkan harga BBM, dll).

  • Allergies such as asthma and hay fever are continuing to rise around the world despite efforts to curb pollution, the principal suspect.
  • After rain, (the river’s) level rose and fell mightily, and the channels were mined with sunken tree limbs.
  • However, it is true that the footballer's weight has risen and fallen over the past few years.
  • ... envelops the target in a substance, like a science fiction product, that is completely disabling. There is no need to kill; a gunman cannot even raise his arm to fire.
  • ... she smiled broadly and raised a clenched fist at a crowd of airport workers.

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